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Experience a cocktail event far out of the ordinary

The global final of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2019 will be held on 24 August at Hernö Gin Distillery, in the heart of the High Coast of Sweden, where competitors from ten countries will show off their skills.

The cocktail competition will be an experience far out of the ordinary giving you the opportunity to explore a new world of cocktails with bartenders from all around the world. Some of Sweden’s most exciting bartenders will take lead in the bar. Outdoor dinner and party until late night. Welcome.

Preliminary schedule. Keep updated, stay tuned.
14:30. Gin Tasting and launch of Hernö High Coast Terroir Gin 2019.
15:00. Doors open. Cocktail Bar and food from Engströms Bakery and Deli.
16:00. Competition live one stage.
22:00. Winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2019 is crowned.
00:15. After party at APA in Härnösand.


Your ticket to a unique outdoor cocktail event

At Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards you will meet some of the world’s top bartenders, both in the bar and on stage in the competition. Exclusive dinner by Fredrik Persson, former team leader of Stockholm Culinary Team, from Brygghuset Härnösand. At the event area Engströms Bakery and Deli will serve food at this unique outdoor event. Be part of cocktail history being made live. Tickets for 250 SEK include buses from and to Härnösand.


From Skeppsbron 1, Härnösand to Hernö Gin Distillery.
14:00. For guests with tickets to the Gin Tasting 14:30.
15:00, 15:45 and 16:45. For other guests.

From Hernö Gin Distillery to Skeppsbron 1, Härnösand
22:30, 23:15 and 24:00.


The most challenging gin competition in the world

Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards is our yearly cocktail competition. The most challenging and unique gin competition in the world. Skills, creativity and the bartenders ability to challenge limits is crucial. As well as crossing borders and unite a world of bartenders in friendship and joy. Last year’s mission was to create a mind blowing cocktail based on what the competitors foraged and Hernö High Coast Terroir Gin 2018. Many were called, but few were chosen. In the end there was only one: Slamet Haryadi from Hong Kong was crowned as the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2018.




Michael Olsson

Michael Olsson, representing K-Bar, Denmark.

Giano Chan

Giano Chan, representing Bakehouse, Hong Kong.

Ray Mak

Ray Mak, representing Alibi Wine Dine be Social at Cordis Hotel, Hong Kong.

Nikita Matveev

Nikita Matveev, representing Soho House, Hong Kong.

Joe Brooke

Joe Brooke, representing Hedonist, United Kingdom.

Anton Windmar

Anton Windmar, representing The Artesian, United Kingdom.

Johan Wendt Olausson

Johan Wendt Olausson, representing Pjolter & Punsj, Norway.

Jonas Junge

Jonas Junge, representing Dael, Norway.

Kevin Peters

Kevin Peters, representing Sand Hill Group, Australia.

Taka Shino

Taka Shino, representing Fink Group, Australia.

Raphael Redant

Taka Shino, representing Stitch Bar, Australia.

Brasse Wallefelt

Brasse Wallefelt, representing Cadierbaren, Stockholm Grand Hôtel, Sweden.

Matteo Valencic

Matteo Valencic, representing PM & Vänner, Sweden.

Svante Garsten Schön

Svante Garsten Schön, representing Häktet Vänster, Sweden.


Slamet Haryadi

Slamet Haryadi, representing M Bar Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2018.

Devender Kumar

Devender Kumar, representing 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2017.

Tom Surma

Tom Surma, representing Familjen in Gothenburg, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2016.

Nico Truedsson

Nico Truedsson, representing Gnarley Burger in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2015.

Fredrik Löwenhamn

Fredrik Löwenhamn, representing Kött & Fiskbaren in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2014.

Oskar Johansson

Oskar Johansson, representing Corner Club in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2013.