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The most challenging gin competition in the world

Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards is our yearly cocktail competition. The most challenging and unique gin competition in the world. Skills, creativity and the bartenders ability to challenge limits is crucial. This years mission will be to create a mind blowing cocktail based on what the competitors forage and Hernö High Coast Terroir Gin 2018. Many are called, but few will be chosen. In the end there can only be one.


An experience far out of the ordinary

The global final of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award is held in Skule, the heart of The High Coast of Sweden, in the same area as our distillery. Competitors from eight countries will show off their skills and do what it takes to win. This is an experience far out of the ordinary giving you the opportunity to explore a new world of cocktails with Devender Kumar from Hong Kong, winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2017, taking the lead in the bar. Outdoor dinner and party until late night.

Preliminary schedule


15:00 Doors open.
16:00 Devender Kumar: From Nangal Raya to World Champion in Skule.
16:30 Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards on stage.
17:30 Dinner for VIP guests, seating one.
18:30 Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards continues.
19:30 Dinner for VIP guests, seating two.
21:30 Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards finishes on stage and after party starts.
22:30 Announcement of the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards 2018.
23:30 Party’s over. Thank you and welcome back next year.


Anna Kulak

Anna Kulak is representing Bortenfor in Oslo, Norway.

Hanna Oscarsson

Hanna Oscarsson is representing Cadierbaren in Stockholm, Sweden.

Johan Wendt Olaussen

Johan Wendt Olaussen is representing Pjolter & Punsj in Stavanger, Norway.

Nathan Colby

Nathan Colby is representing Stranger in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Niklas Tannemyr

Niklas Tannemyr is representing Bar Nero in Ystad Saltsjöbad, Sweden.

Tina Rovåger

Tina Rovåger is representing Duck & Cover in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Koco Widyantno

Koco Widyantno is representing Ritz Carlton in Macau.

Slamet Haryadi

Slamet Haryadi is representing M Bar, Mandarin Oriental, in Hong Kong.

Derek Tsui

Derek Tsui is representing Foxglove in Hong Kong.

Vincenzo Civita

Vincenzo Civita is representing Bulk Team in Milano.

Charlotte Charret

Charlotte Charret is representing The Bloomsbury Club Bar in London.

Lina Navickaite

Lina Navickaite is representing MEATmission Bar in London.

Lenny Opai

Lenny Opai is representing Icebergs Dining Room & Bar, Bondi Beach, in Sydney


Devender Kumar

Devender Kumar, representing 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana in Hong Kong, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award 2017.

Tom Surma

Tom Surma, representing Familjen in Gothenburg, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award 2016.

Nico Truedsson

Nico Truedsson, representing Gnarley Burger in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award 2015.

Fredrik Löwenhamn

Fredrik Löwenhamn, representing Kött & Fiskbaren in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award 2014.

Oskar Johansson

Oskar Johansson, representing Corner Club in Stockholm, Sweden, was the winner of Hernö Gin Cocktail Award 2013.


Hernö Gin Cocktail Awards VIP, including dinner and entrance. Early bird price until 5 May, 550 SEK. (Regular price 660 SEK).
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The outdoor village Friluftsbyn where Hernö Gin Cocktail Award takes place, can help you with accomodation and suggest other things to do while visiting the world heritage The High Coast of Sweden.
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Buses from the nearby cities Sundsvall, Härnösand and Örnsköldsvik will help you get to Hernö Gin Cocktail Award. And home again, of course.
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